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Menstruation Masterclass

Product Description

Teach your daughter about periods and body positivity

A Fun Online Period workshop for your daughter (9-14 years) by Aditi Gupta. The class will be held in English.

About the Educator Aditi Gupta has been a menstrual educator for 8 years. Having gone through the stigma of growing up with period taboo herself, she deeply understands how uncomfortable conversations on periods can get.

She has educated over 50,000 girls and women about periods, body positivity and menstrual health. She has trained and coached over 10,000 educators to start the movement of Period Positivity. 

Educational tools designed by her team is being used by over 7500 schools in India and used in over 20 different countries to teach and learn about periods. Their work has impacted the lives of over  10 million girls and women in India.

She is also a TED Speaker. Forbes India listed here in 30 Under 30 and she was named as BBC 100 women in 2015. She has been invited to 7 countries to share her model to teach about Menstruation, Reproductive Health Education, Adolescence Lessons, Life Lessons, etc. Aditi dreams of a future where menstruation is not a taboo but a welcoming change in a girl's life.

What will be covered in this Workshop? -- Physical and emotional changes while growing up -- Nutrition -- Menstrual cycle and the physiology of menstruation -- Tracking the menstrual cycle -- Hygiene and taking care during periods -- Myth-busting and Q&A

What do participants get? -- Exclusive access to Menstrupedia’s Digital Audio Visual Comic -- Certificate of participation -- FREE resources related to the topics covered

Terms & Conditions: The attendees (Daughter & Parent) must have a computer or laptop with internet access.


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